5 things you didn’t know about me

I have a very niche sense of humour

You may have seen from my website that my work is not like many other wedding photographers. I choose to embrace the person I am, even if that person is slightly ridiculous. I asked my wife to sum me up in a word, she chose silly, I think she’s right. Don’t sweat the small stuff, and remember, it’s all small stuff. 

I’m an advocate for positive mental health.

Each year I grow a moustache as an outward sign of support in particular for men’s mental health. I believe that everyone should seek counselling, full stop. I mean that, everyone. There is a stigma attached to seeking help that we collectively have to overcome. Life is hard, asking for help through it is not a sign of weakness. Two brains are better than one. How many times have you failed to see the cause of a problem because you were too invested in the details?

In the spirit of positive change I am open about seeking my own help. In late 2017 I sought out and started attending therapy. I found a wonderful woman who is a phenomenologist and a Buddhist, she’s also Brazilian – which is especially helpful as her more firy side really helped when what I was doing was obviously to my own detriment. Her insights from a religious, cultural and all around academic point of view has helped me no end. I feel…lighter. I no longer carry around all of the baggage that was emotionally weighing me down. I’m only at the start of this journey but it has been so beneficial that I now find myself open and ready to receive enlightenment.

I’m scared of heights, but love rock climbing.

Every time i get more than a foot off of the ground i start to get nervous. From the ground i must look ridiculous. Barely thirty centimetres up and I’ve lost all composure and technique. When you reach the top though, there’s not much like it. Being able to look back at what you’ve overcome and feel relief to be at the top is amazing. Hey! I’ve just realised the parity this shares with my therapy! That’s cool. Its also great exercise and forces you to move in a dynamic way. I find the gym to be very boring and ultimately limiting, this engages the body and the mind.

I use sensory deprivation tanks

Very much in line with developing my overall well being this has also been a revelation. Thanks to listening to the Joe Rogan’s podcast and his love for them I decided to check it out. Turns out there’s a centre fifteen minutes away from my house which is a result. The tanks are full of Epsom salts which means you will float. The salts are also really good for your skin, and hair, but you know, I don’t have any. The water, your skin and the air around you all become the same temperature and if you stay completely still you begin to feel like you’re suspended in air, its really cool. The lights are off and there’s no sound, no distractions, no sensations across your skin. You can ask yourself anything and ponder it or lay in the still, calm water and enjoy being cut off from all the usual distractions of day to day life.

I once climbed a mountain in Iceland to get to it’s thermal spring

Iceland is probably now on the down-slope of it’s time in the sun, there was a period where it was the in vogue destination. Extreme cold, whale sushi, northern lights. A darn sight different to London in February. Before it was cool, my wife and I visited this most fantastic of places and I have to say, if you haven’t been, you absolutely should. Three or four days is plenty, pack in as many activities as you can, and make sure you’ve saved up some pennies! One of the biggest tourist attractions in Reykjavik is a place called the blue lagoon. Imagine an open air swimming pool or lido, except you’re surround by snow and ice and the water is forty degrees Celsius. I’m sure it’s a lovely place to visit, but I love original experiences. With a few emails and phone calls i’d found a company that would escort you on a hike to the source of the water that feeds the blue lagoon. It’s a two hour trek and you have to dodge pools of methane, but the experience is truly unique. Our guide (pronounced funnar) was an absolute hero. He jumped in the heated river as well and then said that we had to do the viking challenge, which is to run into the snow, roll around in it and then jump back into the water. All of my nerve endings were activated at once, a buzz like no other. I implore you to go, the ground is alive with volcanic activity and the landscape is so alien. Only a few hours flight, put it at the top of your next holiday list.

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