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These three articles are the most widely read across my site and the most frequently asked questions regarding wedding photography.

Here’s a collection of the most useful articles on wedding planning and wedding photography I’ve ever written, there’s a fair amount of info in here to digest and I’ve been comprehensive in candid in my answers to the most common questions, hopefully you find them useful.

The world is a magnificent place, I am lucky enough to be able to explore it through photography. Here I share all my thoughts and feelings towards the world around me and also all of my most recent work. My journey to date has been an incredible one. I have worked with so many amazing suppliers across the entire wedding industry and met some truly inspirational people. I’m glad you’re on this journey with me and I very much look forward to being a part of your story. I am predominantly a documentary wedding photographer, but I capture the narrative of the whole day, including all the details and of course pictures of you both together for the mantle piece. I am a champion of real moments, I never stage or recreate, only what happens in the moment is real. You can look at any set of photographs I have ever exhibited, from the blog to the portfolio and Instagram, knowing that none of the images were staged and each moment happened organically. Even in my couple portraits I do not direct, love happens on it’s own and it’s unique to you, my job is to capture it. Trust is the most important thing to me, you have to trust me implicitly, that’s how I capture these moments. When you truly trust someone, you’re able to be yourself, that’s what creates an emotional connection with the photograph. There is a purity that exists in being vulnerable and is the reason many people can feel an emotional connection with those they have never met, because it’s real. I love photographing people and I love photographing weddings, have a click through the wedding blog and if you think I would be a good fit for your day, get in touch!

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