Borgo Pignano Wedding, Italy

Borgo Pignano wedding

Borgo Pignano wedding – Italy

I was supposed to be a guest at this wedding…so naturally I brought a camera.

Excuses for doing so:

I like taking pictures.

My wife was a bridesmaid.

It’s Italy.

Italian Cypress trees.

I wanted to see what would happen if I had one camera and one lens.

The one camera one lens part was the main reason for taking pictures. I like to challenge how I create images, it’s remarkably easy to get sucked into a way of working that can feel repetitive. I took my original 5D, or 5D classic as I like to call it, and 50mm 1.4 lens. Why? Because I hate travelling with the kit I use for clients weddings, I don’t trust myself not to drop it. 50mm forces me to stand a bit further back than I normally would, which in itself changes how you have to compose images. I grew up, like most photographers, idolising the classics. The Cartier-Bressons, the William Kleins, the Garry Winogrands. Most of these chaps used 50mm lenses as that is that was available, this gave me an excuse to play, and to pretend I was back in them there olden days.

Working in this way helps to reinvent oneself, and also offers the opportunity to either discover something brand new, or to reinforce what you’re currently doing. The wonderful thing? The couple loved my pictures, which is wonderful. It wasn’t my intention to create something for them specifically, but i’m glad that even when playing around I can still create something that people like! The wedding itself was stunning, truly stunning. It rained on and off, but it really didn’t matter. I love the rain at weddings, it forces people into smaller spaces, they bunch closer together and drink tea. In this scenario, even the minister was forced to seek shelter in a hurry, the rain brings people together, all bonding over a common goal of not getting wet. With the rain also comes dramatic skies, and when those skies clear, you are always left with the best possible light imaginable. Soft light that is filtered through the clouds, with divine bursts of sunlight and inky blue skies, epic is an understatement.

The journey started in a traffic jam up towards Stanstead Airport, stressful. I arrived at the car park, thinking i’d miss my flight, but with a stroke of luck, I may just make it. I jump on the bus to the terminal. Where. The. Flip. Is. My. Passport? …turns out i’d left it on the front seat of the car. Arrive at the terminal, agonising wait for it to turn around, back to the car park, get passport, back on bus, back to terminal. Sprint. Check in for bags is closed…guess we’ll have to wing it. The guy at the security check was an absolute hero, he saw me sprinting and like a military drill sergeant did everything right to speed me up. Without me needing to say a thing. “Here’s a tray, keys, wallet, phone, change, in there. Now!”…”there’s scissors in your bag. I’m taking them. here is your bag back, go go go!”. The race was on, the boarding gate is a tram ride away…I am sweating profusely by this point…I arrive in the boarding lounge aaaaaaand the flight is delayed…

The story reached it’s hilarious conclusion when the German stewardess finds my massive bag in he overhead locker and announces to the craft in a most disgruntled fashion…”who’s bag is this?”. I coyly raise my hand, she gives me the stink eye and without breaking eye contact hands it out the door to be put in the hold. Bag win.

I arrive at the hotel at 3am.

The singer loses her voice. The rain comes down. The catholic church won’t allow an orthodox minister in to conduct the ceremony. The orthodox minister wont conduct the ceremony unless it’s under a canopy. Outside it is. The rain comes again…

This may sound like a disaster, but it was one of the best weddings I’ve been to. It shows that no matter what is thrown a you, if you have your friends and family around, you can overcome anything and still have the most remarkable wedding day.

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