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A stunning summer braxted park wedding by documentary wedding photographer liam smith

Braxted Park Wedding

This was truly an exceptional day, the sun always seems to shine on a wedding at Braxted park, every time I’ve visited, even in winter, it’s been beautiful. The rolling driveway seduces you as you approach the house and the geese lining the driveway provide ample entertainment as they meander across the grass. What many of you may not be aware of is the golden quality of gravel, hear me out. It reflects light like all things, however because of its tonality it gives the skin a wonderful rich and warm tone as well as acting like a studio reflector! If you haven’t visited on your quest for a wedding venue, I insist that you do. The venue is well equipped with grounds for your guests to wonder, sculpted gardens with plenty of nooks and crannies and bonus points for having the church within walking distance. The tree lined approach to the church is simply exquisite, an absolute must for group shots and couples portraits. What makes it a perfect location is the fact that the trees are so high, even on a windy day with some showers you would be provided with sufficient cover to have photographs outdoors and not be blown away, splendid! Since this wedding my braxted park wedding photography has been featured on the Love My Dress wedding blog, printed in Essex wedding magazine as well as the Huffington Post, this can be seen here.

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