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Engagement shoots, do you need them? I’ve written an entire blog post on it, you should read it, it’s really good. They give us a chance to play, it’s not the same as a wedding day by a long shot. The emotions are never ramped up in the same way, it’s an opportunity for us to play, have some fun and get to know each other. You may think it’s odd that i’m not all about engagement pictures because it seems to be part and parcel of so many other wedding photographers packages. In my experience, the hours spent in a pub or restaurant yield the best results. My work is all about you trusting me. If you trust me, you will relax and it will show in the pictures, I guarantee it. I firmly believe that the right way to do it is for us to go out to dinner and getting a bit drunk in the first instance and then we arrange a pre wedding shoot. You’ll know who i am, what i’m about, the maybe strange tv programmes and films that I like and of course vice versa. It gives us a well of information to draw from. Based on that initial meeting, we could decide to theme the shoot to make pictures that you will cherish on multiple levels. Maybe you love world of warcraft, maybe you love star wars. I have no idea, but I do believe in people being themselves. If you tell your truth, then we can collaborate and make a set of pictures that not only demonstrate your connection, but also celebrate your uniqueness as individuals. We could even go the place where you first met. It might be a rave, it might be the underground where your first locked eyes. All of these things have creative potential, let’s explore it.

One thing that engagement shoots are definitely good for is if you want to have quite a few posed pictures. It’s not something that I encourage as my work is all about the organic interactions. Sometimes however, when you’ve planned for it and have the time, it can be really good fun to spend an extended period larking about and having a walk through some expansive grounds looking for cool pictures. This is incredibly rare for me, but it does happen. Usually it occurs when there is a significant break in between morning and afternoon formalities. In some cultures it’s common to have a morning ceremony, then an afternoon ceremony and then an evening meal. These three events can take place at 9am, 3pm and 8pm, this leave some big chunks of time in between, so why not fill it with some pictures? Photographs before the wedding day are a great way for you to try out lots of ideas and see which ones you like. It’s an important distinction to make, you are hiring me for my vision and my creativity, but ultimately I want you to feel like your absolute best and be completely comfortable working with me. With pictures before the wedding, we can explore any hang ups (because we all have them, I know I do), any worries or concerns and work our way through them. It’s beneficial for all parties and the best thing about it is come the wedding day, everybody wins. You’ve seen the results of my crazy ideas and trust me to deliver images that fit your vision of the day and make you feel great.

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