Destination Wedding – Barcelona

Destination Wedding – Barcelona

Barcelona conjures images of the magnificent Sagrada Di Familia, Casa Batllo and to many probably the Bernabau Football stadium. On the edges of this most wonderful Catalonian city lies a beautiful town called Sitges, and that dear readers, is where this tale unfolds.

Destination wedding photography is often seen as a mark of prestige for some reason, I don’t know why, I’m just as happy travelling to other countries as I am working at the venue next to my house, it’s the people who make the event. Destination wedding posts on other blogs always seem to be filled with couple portraits and not much else. We went to Barcelona to party, and that’s what we did.

When all the guests tell you this is going to be the wedding of the year, it sets a level of expectation. Post wedding, I don’t think they could have over-hyped it, this day was epic. Laughs, tears, men in dresses, it had it all. Weddings are deeply personal celebrations, they are an opportunity to open your relationship up and show it to all of your friends and family, it shows them how you live, and how you love. These guys live life how it’s supposed to be done, big hearts, big emotions, honesty and joy. Celebrate like it’s the last time, every time. Tell people you love them and how much they mean to you, often. Make meaningful connections with those around you and surround yourself with positivity and light. I learnt a lot from being here, these journeys are about the couple of course, but there’s always opportunities to find out about who you are along the way. Seeing unbridled joy like this reminds me that I take life too seriously a lot of the time, missing out on experiences in my own life because I was too scared to say yes. It’s wonderful that my work affords me that opportunity.

Seeing emotions like this also makes me think about my future family. Emotional dads never fail to make me cry, it’s almost as if I’ve got a daughter of my own out there somewhere in the Ether, waiting for Jen and I to find her…

It’s no secret that the number of couples choosing to get married in the UK is on the decline. A shift away from religious ceremonies makes sense in this day and age, but I don’t see a decline in the desire to share the joy of union, all I see is the financial burden it can place on couples. If you’re thinking of getting married and wondering how to do it without ruining your finances, check out this wedding for your blue print (fun fact, blue print comes from an alternative photographic process called a Cyanotype – look them up, they’re cool). Getting married in a registry office can save you plenty of paper, and no it doesn’t detract from the special nature of the ceremony. Find a beautiful location where you can host a party – it doesn’t have to be a “wedding venue”, you can hook up gas for cooking and all the other bits you need dead easy. Bring in your own furniture – these guys found all the chairs on Gumtree and covered them with blankets, easy. Hire a quality caterer. Hire a quality DJ. Bring your own drink. Party. Hard. Don’t be put off by thinking you need to find specific things for elderly guests to do, they were young once and also love partying. Shaving a message into your chest hair is optional, but is definitely a genius idea.

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I’ve written a blog post on all the destination wedding photography faq’s I’ve received over the years, hopefully it helps with your planning!

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