Dodford Manor Wedding Photographer – Preview

Dodford Manor Wedding, Northamptonshire

Dodford manor probably needs no introduction to you if you’re in the hunt for a wedding venue in Northamptsonshire, based upon the teams amazing ability to keep rolling out quality events and weddings it keeps coming up on top for reviews across the county and is now synonymous with weddings in Northampton. A beautiful barn conversion with a distinctly modern twist thanks to the huge panes of glass that allow copious amounts of light in and make use of the extraordinary views across the countryside. Whilst maintaining an intimate feel the capacity for the ceremony is a surprising 170 people, and 200 for sit down meals, which is fairly unique in a barn venue. Another big win of this venue is the mezzanine floor above the aisle, not only can additional guests be seated up there but it gives a tremendous vantage point for a photograph of everyone together if it’s raining. In an ideal situation this would take place on the lawn as the elevated patio means you can get everyone in the picture, but it’s definitely worth considering the fact that although rolling country hills look idyllic, they are prone to rapid changes in weather. Rain fronts can gather quickly, rise up over a hill and drop dramatically…right on your wedding. The flip side of his though, is that it does often recede as quickly as it came and if you time it right, you can get some of the best possible light. The clouds are an iron grey in the background and a shard of light pierces the darkness, it looks epic, almost biblical.

One of my favourite things about wedding photography at Dodford Manor is the fact that the driveway gives you the perfect wet weather contingency plan. This may sound bizarre, but hear me out. Wedding photographers are often battling against the elements, it’s part of the game. Rain or shine, you’ve got to be on point to deliver the best wedding photographs that any given situation will allow. That means using natural light when you have to, or knowing when to get the flashguns out. One thing that it is very easy to forget is that even though it might not be raining on your wedding day, it may have rained the day before, and this means wet grass and possible sinking into the ground with your heels on. Although the pictures could be funny as the stilettos get stuck in the mud, it might not be the intended destiny for those new Leboutin’s. So, the driveway. It gives us the perfect place to stand as it’s on terra firma, and it gives us an amazing backdrop of the hills to work with. If i get down low to the ground and run off into the distance, it looks like you’re on the edge of the world whilst staying dry and mud free, everyones a winner. A quick running jump over the cattle grid may be in order if the rain comes back, but hey, we can always take an umbrella.

Dodford-Manor-Wedding-Photographer- (1)Dodford-Manor-Wedding-Photographer- (2)Dodford-Manor-Wedding-Photographer- (3)Dodford-Manor-Wedding-Photographer- (5)Dodford-Manor-Wedding-Photographer- (6)Dodford-Manor-Wedding-Photographer- (7)Dodford-Manor-Wedding-Photographer- (8)Dodford-Manor-Wedding-Photographer- (9)Dodford-Manor-Wedding-Photographer- (12)Dodford-Manor-Wedding-Photographer- (11)Dodford-Manor-Wedding-Photographer- (10)

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  • Simon Steel - WOW! What a beautiful couple, captured perfectly. WHat stunning photographs especially the couple together with the old yard wall behind, walking amongst the fields and embraced in the sunset. Aboslutely first class photography Liam Smith! Well done indeed. Can we have some for our website (couple allowing of course).
    Best Wishes Simon & Annabelle and our Wonderful Wedding Team!ReplyCancel