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family portrait photographer blackheath

Hi, I’m Liam, a Blackheath based family portrait photographer, welcome to my site. My work is all about capturing the uniqueness of your children, their character, their spirit, at a time in their lives that seems so fleeting and difficult to preserve. My aim is to present you with a beautiful set of crafted photographs that aren’t great just because your family is in it, but are great because they capture something genuine about your child. I use natural light and prefer to work in locations familiar to the subjects as it puts them at ease and allows them to be themselves. I must confess I am not a fan at all of plain white studio backgrounds with forced smiles – if your child is mostly covered in dirt and jam, that’s what is real and that’s what I want to capture.

family portrait photographer blackheath

Digital and print packages are available on enquiry, each family is different but I personally feel the images are best when printed. Beautiful archival quality prints can be ordered in vibrant colour or contrasty black and whites. Unlike a wedding which might produce 5-600 images, family shoots would typically result in 30-40 high quality photographs which makes it easier for you to narrow down what you would like printed. I am a lover of digital photography, everything I shoot is digital, however I am a great believer in having photographs and artwork on the walls and on mantle pieces etc, it really does transform a house into a home. There is also something wonderful about handling a printed photograph, there is nothing like the texture of high quality paper.

family portrait photographer blackheath

The benefit of my style is that not only are we able to utilise multiple environments, we’re also not limited by the weather. Come rain or shine in Blackheath or Greenwich we can head to Greenwich Park, the view over London at the top of the hill is awesome, or we can use an indoor location of you choice. It’s amazing what can be done with just a single window and a plain wall, beutiful family photographs are always possible, no matter the weather. Please do give me a call, email or use the contact form at the top of this page to book your family photography session.

portrait photographer blackheath

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