We’ve hired a wedding videographer, is that cool with you?



There are a few considerations on this point, here’s some useful info.

Firstly, all about how I work.

Before we delve into why this isn’t cool, I also just published this article fellow photographers may find useful: Don’t Get Fancy With Gear.

In order to get the photographs you see on my website and various social media channels, I have to be in fairly close proximity to you. Not right up in your face, but you’ll know I’m there. Sometimes you may not be able to see me because I’ll be off photographing something else, other times I’ll be stood right next to you.

One of the reasons my wedding photographs are so immersive is because they are taken from the perspective of a person stood in the group, watching the moment unfold.

I get in close and I shoot wide angle, so then when you look back at the image it’s easier to relive the moment, the perspective allows you to insert yourself back into that memory. My pictures are taken from the point of view of someone who is stood next to you, you can’t fake that look, you have to physically be in the right place, as in, sometimes I will be stood right next to you. This is why I bang on about meeting me before you book, so by the time we get to your wedding we’ve had so much contact that you know all about me and it’s much more like a friend photographing you wedding, someone you trust.

Enter the videographer

Now, the style of wedding video you like might change whether or not the videographer and I are a good fit.

I can get on with anyone, so that part is never an issue, it’s more about having incompatible styles.

Staged videos – I don’t stage anything.

Some videographers stage a lot, so this can be an issue.

If I’m trying to capture candid moments and the videographer wants you to pose, then we may have a problem, typically because video takes longer to set up and longer to shoot. Therefore, you’ll be away from your guests for longer periods of time. The net result is fewer opportunities for me to take candid pictures of you and your guests together. I will be letting a moment breath and for things to happen organically, the videographer may be talking to you directly and asking you to perform certain actions – walk here, hold hands, kiss now etc. I don’t do that as I think it interrupts the flow of the day, but that’s why it’s really important to give you all the info upfront so you’re not disappointed after the wedding.

Wouldn’t you just take pics of the guests whilst we are away?

Yes, of course, and that has happened before. But what is really important to acknowledge is that if the couple are absent for long periods, the atmosphere in the room changes. Everyone has travelled from far and wide to see you, so whilst the hi-jinks may last for half an hour, eventually it will start to wane as they long for your company.

Will I be a problem for them?

As I mentioned above, I get in close, I’m near you, sometimes stood right next to you. If you are hiring a videographer who shoots lots of wide angles or full length shots then I might be a problem for them.

It’s really easy for me to Photoshop videographers out of my pictures, I have to do it a lot, but it’s not an issue. On the flip side, It’s near enough impossible (or impractical) to edit me out of the wedding film, so if i’m in the way, there’s not much they can do to edit me out.

What questions should we be asking then? How do we know if you’re compatible?

Typically the wedding videographer is hired after the wedding photographer, best bet is to send me the link to their website and I’ll have a look. I’ll be able to tell based upon how they shot the video what to expect. 99% of the time it’snot an issue, but, better safe than sorry. I’m not an arse so I’d never say ‘on no, don’t book them’, if you love their stuff then of course we’d make it work between us. What I would do however is speak from experience and let you know what to expect, how the day will flow and how that may effect my working process, then you can make an informed choice, and that’s a win for everyone.

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