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Manor By The Lake Cheltenham

manor by the lake wedding by liam smith photography

Manor by the lake wedding photography, Cheltenham

Who remembers my first jaunt to the manor by the lake? well, scroll to the bottom to see the highlights if you’ve forgotten the beautiful and intimate family wedding that first brought me to Gloucestershire. A lot has changed since then. I got married myself, I won some wedding photography awards and now live in London! One thing that hasn’t changed however, is that Manor By The Lake remains one of the best intimate wedding venues in the country. If you haven’t heard of the venue and you already live in Cheltenham, I thoroughly recommend you investigate, it truly is a gem hidden away. As soon as the rest of the country discovers it prices will go through the roof and you’ll have to wait three years for a free date, that’s how cool it is. There’s a reason it has five star average ratings across hitched and TripAdvisor, it’s amazing. Manor By The Lake is the only solely exclusive-use wedding venue in Cheltenham, you can essentially hire your own private manor house for your wedding. That may seem like an odd statement, but bear in mind that some venues have multiple weddings happening on the same day across the grounds. This is all yours. Light and airy bridal prep room (which is huge), with a free standing bath because why not, makes this a perfect location to get ready for the day ahead. A games room keeps chaps of all ages entertained throughout the day, pool table and table football are a great distraction for any mid morning grooms nerves.

Something that every couple has to consider when choosing a wedding venue is of course the location. Not too far, in the middle for most people etc. manor by the lake is only forty five minutes from Bristol, one hour from Birmingham, or just over an hour from Cardiff, if you live in these areas, puts it perfectly within the catchment area. guests could even drive there and back in a day with no hassle. Get married inside or out for up to two hundred guests. Amble through the expansive grounds on a sunny afternoon and then again at night as the walk ways are lit up like something straight out of a fairy-tale. There are few places which can offer such quality and exclusivity.

Janet and Phillipe are a truly remarkable couple and encapsulate the reasons that I explore before of why I love my job so much. They have a connection that is almost tangible. The laughs, the smiles, the tears. They are a beautiful couple (not just because they’re super attractive) but because they love so openly. Janette’s three brothers and father all cried during the ceremony, it was incredibly emotional, but also amazing to witness the connection that the family has. When you experience love like that, you can’t help but be moved. It’s a privilege to be able to document it. Manor by the Lake, once again you’ve come up with the goods, I can’t wait to come back.

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It’s always tough meeting couples for the first time on the wedding day, sometimes it just cant be helped. Phone calls, email and Skype are magnificent, but being in someone’s presence is a real game changer. Luckily for me everyone at this intimate wedding made me feel so welcome from the start, so much so that I even got up and had a dance at the end :), this fabulous day dear readers was held at Manor by the lake, a beautiful little venue seemingly hidden in plain site. One minute you’re traversing the high street admiring the quaint shops and such, turn one corner and voila! A massive house set in splendid grounds, if you’re looking for a venue in Cheltenham, this is the one.
Manor by the lake is such a beautiful spot for a wedding, the entire venue is private hire so no intrusions and is run by an incredibly lovely set of staff on hand to help you navigate the grounds. Further fabulous people were encountered when I met the registrars, it makes such a difference when they’re jolly folk “take whatever pictures you want, just don’t roll around on the floor!”

Upon arrival I was free to wonder and assemble a little scene out of the dress and shoes, a double aspect room makes this particularly easy, as does a monstrous four post bed. This family is so close nit its amazing, the couple and their two children were all so happy together, family bundles and squidges all round. I love the moments shared between mum and daughter, I love them all and couldn’t edit them out. The day progressed with wine, laughter and ceilidh dancing, with some balloons thrown in for good measure. Luckily the weather held out long enough for us to make use of the grounds, the benefit of the venue is the covered walkway outside the front entrance, even if it is pouring down you can still seek shelter and take some outdoor shots in arches. A fantastic day, so glad to be a part of it, thanks guys, big love!

manor by the lake cheltenhammanor-by-the-lake-wedding-cheltenham-002 manor-by-the-lake-wedding-cheltenham-003 manor-by-the-lake-wedding-cheltenham-004 manor by the lake wedding photographer manor by the lake wedding photographer ducks walk the grounds in cheltenham manor by the lake wedding photographer manor by the lake ceremony room manor-by-the-lake-drawing room manor-by-the-lake-wedding-dress manor by the lake wedding photographer manor-by-the-lake-wedding-cheltenham-016 manor-by-the-lake-wedding-cheltenham-017 manor-by-the-lake-wedding-cheltenham-018 manor-by-the-lake-wedding-flowergirl manor-by-the-lake-wedding-cheltenham-020 manor-by-the-lake-wedding-bride manor-by-the-lake-brides-dress manor-by-the-lake-wedding-cheltenham-023 manor-by-the-lake-wedding-cheltenham-024 flowergirl tucks in to mums dress manor by the lake wedding photographer bride and daughter on wedding day manor by the lake wedding photographer manor by the lake wedding photographer manor by the lake wedding photographer manor-by-the-lake-wedding-cheltenham-032 manor by the lake wedding photographer manor by the lake wedding photography manor-by-the-lake-wedding-cheltenham-035 manor-by-the-lake-wedding-cheltenham-036 manor-by-the-lake-wedding-cheltenham-037 manor-by-the-lake-wedding-cheltenham-038 manor-by-the-lake-wedding-cheltenham-039 manor-by-the-lake-wedding-cheltenham-040 manor-by-the-lake-wedding-cheltenham-041 manor-by-the-lake-wedding-cheltenham-042 manor-by-the-lake-wedding-cheltenham-043 manor-by-the-lake-wedding-cheltenham-044 manor by the lake wedding photography manor by the lake wedding photography manor-by-the-lake-wedding-cheltenham-047 manor-by-the-lake-wedding-cheltenham-048 manor-by-the-lake-wedding-cheltenham-049 manor-by-the-lake-wedding-cheltenham-050 manor-by-the-lake-wedding-cheltenham-051 manor-by-the-lake-wedding-cheltenham-052 manor-by-the-lake-wedding-cheltenham-053 manor-by-the-lake-wedding-cheltenham-054 manor by the lake wedding photography manor-by-the-lake-wedding-cheltenham-056 manor-by-the-lake-wedding-cheltenham-057 manor-by-the-lake-wedding-cheltenham-058 manor-by-the-lake-wedding-cheltenham-059 manor-by-the-lake-wedding-cheltenham-060 manor-by-the-lake-wedding-cheltenham-061 manor by the lake wedding photography manor-by-the-lake-wedding-cheltenham-063 manor-by-the-lake-wedding-cheltenham-064 manor-by-the-lake-wedding-cheltenham-065 manor-by-the-lake-wedding-cheltenham-067 manor by the lake wedding photography manor-by-the-lake-wedding-cheltenham-069 manor by the lake wedding photography manor-by-the-lake-wedding-cheltenham-071 manor-by-the-lake-wedding-cheltenham-078 manor-by-the-lake-wedding-cheltenham-079 manor-by-the-lake-wedding-cheltenham-080 manor-by-the-lake-wedding-cheltenham-082 manor-by-the-lake-wedding-cheltenham-083 manor-by-the-lake-wedding-cheltenham-084 manor-by-the-lake-wedding-cheltenham-085 manor-by-the-lake-wedding-cheltenham-086 manor-by-the-lake-wedding-cheltenham-090 manor-by-the-lake-wedding-cheltenham-091 manor-by-the-lake-wedding-cheltenham-092 manor-by-the-lake-wedding-cheltenham-093 manor-by-the-lake-wedding-cheltenham-094 manor-by-the-lake-wedding-cheltenham-095 manor-by-the-lake-wedding-cheltenham-096 manor-by-the-lake-wedding-cheltenham-097 manor-by-the-lake-wedding-cheltenham-098 manor-by-the-lake-wedding-cheltenham-099 manor-by-the-lake-wedding-cheltenham-100 manor-by-the-lake-wedding-cheltenham-101 manor-by-the-lake-wedding-cheltenham-102 manor-by-the-lake-wedding-cheltenham-103 manor-by-the-lake-wedding-cheltenham-104 manor-by-the-lake-wedding-cheltenham-105 manor-by-the-lake-wedding-cheltenham-106 manor-by-the-lake-wedding-cheltenham-107 manor-by-the-lake-wedding-cheltenham-108

escaped balloon!


manor-by-the-lake-wedding-cheltenham-109 manor-by-the-lake-wedding-cheltenham-110 manor-by-the-lake-wedding-cheltenham-111 manor-by-the-lake-wedding-cheltenham-112 manor-by-the-lake-wedding-cheltenham-113 manor-by-the-lake-wedding-cheltenham-114 manor-by-the-lake-wedding-cheltenham-115 manor-by-the-lake-wedding-cheltenham-116 manor-by-the-lake-wedding-cheltenham-117 manor-by-the-lake-wedding-cheltenham-118 manor-by-the-lake-wedding-cheltenham-119 manor-by-the-lake-wedding-cheltenham-120 manor-by-the-lake-wedding-cheltenham-121 manor-by-the-lake-wedding-cheltenham-122 manor-by-the-lake-wedding-cheltenham-123 manor-by-the-lake-wedding-cheltenham-124 manor-by-the-lake-wedding-cheltenham-125 manor-by-the-lake-wedding-cheltenham-126 manor-by-the-lake-wedding-cheltenham-127 manor-by-the-lake-wedding-cheltenham-128 manor-by-the-lake-wedding-cheltenham-129 manor-by-the-lake-wedding-cheltenham-130 manor-by-the-lake-wedding-cheltenham-131 manor-by-the-lake-wedding-cheltenham-132 manor-by-the-lake-wedding-cheltenham-133 manor-by-the-lake-wedding-cheltenham-134 manor-by-the-lake-wedding-cheltenham-135 manor-by-the-lake-wedding-cheltenham-136 manor-by-the-lake-wedding-cheltenham-137 manor-by-the-lake-wedding-cheltenham-138 manor-by-the-lake-wedding-cheltenham-139 manor-by-the-lake-wedding-cheltenham-140 manor-by-the-lake-wedding-cheltenham-141 manor-by-the-lake-wedding-cheltenham-142 manor-by-the-lake-wedding-cheltenham-143 manor-by-the-lake-wedding-cheltenham-144 manor-by-the-lake-wedding-cheltenham-145

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