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Newport Pagnell Wedding

Not since I last saw runaway bride can I remember a bride wearing trainers…wait…did i just say that, I’m cool honest! These were some seriously fresh kicks, I haven’t worn converse in years but i remember how comfy they are, why not dance the day away with some sweet trainers? most shoes are hidden beneath the dress, not a bad idea I hear you say! Jemma and Mark are such a sweet pair, it was a genuine delight to be there to witness them being married in front of their friends and family. The entire congregation was so welcoming and the atmosphere inside the church was incredible, everyone was full of joy. After the service we headed off to the holiday inn in newport pagnell for the afternoon and evening festivities. At the front of the venue we managed to utilise the trees and actually shot through a leaf in order to achieve such an intense green, my favourite shot has to be Jemma’s reaction after planting a kiss on Mark, such genuine laughter, I’m all about capturing those in between moments, its never the moment you plan for, it always what occurs afterwards. I tip my cap to the best man, his speech was right up there for originality, I think I’ve got all the ingredients for an absolute storming speech when my brother finally gets married! Love to everyone, it was a brilliant day and I’m so glad i was able to share it with you.

wedding photographer newport pagnell

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