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This page is a bit of shameless gloat, but its important that you know and trust me in order for our relationship to work. When hiring someone to work with you, its important that they have an established track record of producing quality work and quality customer service. This page is as much to put you at ease as it is to share my accomplishments, I like to think my pictures do most of the talking, but its nice to share the amazing comments that past clients have been kind enough to write about me. I'm fortunate to have won a few awards in my wedding photography career. Some voted for by customers, others by fellow professionals. The Whimsical Wedding Blog was my first ever feature. I still remember how amazing it felt to have a peer recognise my work as being worthy of sharing. Reading the comments that other users left helped immensely in re-enforcing that I was committing myself to a career that I find truly rewarding. My involvement in the community has continued to grow and I'm immensely proud to have had my wedding photography featured on the biggest and best wedding photography blogs in the country. I've been involved in the wedding community for some time now and people who started as acquaintances have now become good friends. My work has been shared on the Whimsical Wonderland Weddings blog, Rock my Wedding, Love My Dress, English Wedding blog and Rock N Roll bride to name a few.


Before these I'd only ever won a competition to design a necktie at a country fayre when I was 8, I drew Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles and I won a £10 book voucher...

WPJA 3 x Award winner 2019

Masters of UK wedding photography award winner

Two time winner of the WedAward

Voted the best wedding photographer in Buckinghamshire

Book Him Quick! these are
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Rob & Siobhan
"Our pictures are just stunning! We couldn't be happier. On top of his work, Liam is also one of the nicest and friendliest guys you could meet" Ahoa & Ximmy
"Every picture told a story and looking through the photos was as if we were experiencing the day again" Geaspar & Kelly
"Liam is charming, friendly, unobtrusive - you won't notice he's there, but will be thrilled with the photos!" Mike & Sophie
"Liam has created the best wedding photos wedding that we have ever seen. Photos are life- long so we will always be really grateful to you" Claire & David