Pre-wedding photography at Stowe Park

Sometimes you have to start a shoot with an idea you just sort of had. It might seem a bit mental ‘The first picture I’m going to take will involve me pointing the camera at the floor’ but it breaks the ice as I look like a bit of a lemon and everyone gets a free laugh. This engagement shoot was an absolute classic example of two amazing people who tell me that they don’t like having their picture taken…but then end up with awesome pictures. Gemma and Dave completely owned it, look at that thousand yard stare, piercing! Stowe is such a cool place, so many different locations to shoot in, Roman inspired architecture, Grecian pillars…the thirteenth tee. Undulating pathways and huge trees creating canopies of green make amazing backdrops and help you feel all alone in an estate which is probably a handful of hectares in total. A big shout out to Jeff Newsom and his Voltron of Awesomeness for the inspiration, his use of colour has always fascinated me and it’s been a great year for learning from the masters and pushing my photography in new directions. Combining warm and cool tones can really change the dynamic of a photograph and the proper application of colour balance and dynamics can turn a picture into all kinds of awesome. I love this series as Gemma and Dave seem so connected, no awkward posing, everything is calm and relaxed, just two people being in a moment together. It’s awesome when you can feel the warmth just from smiles and hugs, can’t wait for the wedding next year, roll on 2017!

twenty seventeen came and went, it’s now the end of twenty eighteen and where has the time gone! It’s that time of year again to update the blog and keep revisiting old work in order to review my progress and evaluate how things have progressed over the years. I find this process invaluable as it gives me a pick me up, highlighting how far I’ve come on this journey. It’s also a wonderful thing to look back at all of the lols that I’ve captured along the way and remind myself how much of an honour it is that all of the peoples weddings and engagements I’ve photographed trusted me to capture their memories. I would love to know what the species of tree is that I posed Gemma and Dave in is. It creates such fascinating tangled shapes and the frames it puts around people as it darts and weaves through the image. There’s a certain magic that surrounds Stowe, it’s amazing that these amazing pieces of architecture and sculpture are littered around the grounds and that you can interact with them so freely. Of course within reason. But it is still fun to wander out onto various plinths and pretend that you’re a Grecian emperor, or god depending on the size of your ego, ha. Be careful if you do ever go for a walk around the grounds, there are so many sheep in the fields that you’re guaranteed to step in poo if you’re not careful, take change of shoes if you’re planning on a dress up photoshoot!

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