Trust is THE most important thing

I had the most wonderful client conversation last night, it brought to my attention something that I had never considered before, despite the fact that I bang on about trusting your wedding photographer all the time.

Trust works both ways.

Quick Intro: My name is Liam Smith and I am one of the best photographers in London.

The branch of the conversation was started by enquiring how much I would charge to stay if the event ran over schedule. My response to this comes from years of working in the wedding industry and that is ‘they always run over’.

It’s just par for the course. Weather can have an effect, guests may be late in sitting down for the meal and it’s not uncommon for speeches to run much longer than scheduled. Cutting of the cake may have been schedule for 8pm, but it normal happens at about 8.30.

This is not a problem for me. The work that I love to do captures the flow of the day, it’s natural rhythm. If you’re fretting over the schedule and worrying about the time, you’re not in the moment and that’s how it passes you by. My wedding photography is all about capturing those moments, so if i’m mentally not present, i’ll never succeed in capturing them on film.

That being said, what happens if the day is running an hour late?

This is where trust is a major factor.

It is incredibly important that you trust me to deliver quality images. You trust that I have prepared myself for the day, had a good nights rest and planned everything out logistically to make sure the day runs as smoothly as possible. You trust that my equipment is well maintained and you trust that I’m going to show up! It’s easy to forget these factors, but trust is the most important factor when choosing wedding suppliers.

The flip side. I have to be able to trust you too.

This is my career my chosen profession, my life, my legacy. With working together I place a tremendous amount of trust in my clients to respect that. When hiring me for the day, although there are set hours laid out in the contract, there is trust involved insofar as I will be flexible and reasonable to accommodate all unforeseen time additions. AKA, i’m not going to start the invoice clock as soon as my allotted time is up, that’s just not me, it’s not how I want to work.

With that information, comes a great deal of trust being placed in the client. It would be easy for an individual to ask on the wedding day for me to stay an extra forty minutes to capture fireworks/sparkler exit/driving off in cool car pictures, knowing that I had already said I didn’t mind being flexible.

Trust works both ways. When working with me I will be completely candid in my responses. This is my life, every part that you see on my website, word that you read, picture in the gallery, all of it was created by me. I put my heart and soul into this, this is my art – the last thing I want to do is to have it descend into a ‘business’ – watching the clock, invoicing for time run over etc. This may seem like an odd thing to write, as of course, it is a business. What I should do, is clarify my point. Photography is my life, when I retire, I’ll still be taking and making photographs. This is a life long obsession for me, I’m building a legacy on this. I have no desire to hire other people, to shoot other subjects or buy a studio – most business ideals are based around making more money, I just want to be a better photographer and offer better customer service.

So let’s trust each other implicitly, be cool, and have lots of fun at your wedding.

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