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The Northamptonshire countryside, it’s a beautiful place for a wedding it has to be said and I can now officially state that as of 2019 I am officially a wedding photographer in Northamptonshire!. This chic vintage venue has a flawless track record of delivering tears as well, every single wedding I have ever photographed there has had the bride and groom in tears at some point during the day. Typically it’s during the ceremony, maybe it’s the long walk from the prep room to the ceremony that gets both the bride and grooms emotions amped up! It must be nerve racking, as soon as you leave the bridal prep room the guests who line the barn on the nearside can all see you, you then glide across the courtyard as you see a room full of smiling faces (hopefully faces and not a wall of phones). Then you reach the top of the aisle and it’s long aisle it has to be said. With a packed house it must feel like a hundred metres away. I think it’s the perfect setup. If you are behind closed doors and suddenly emerge at the top of the aisle, the formal procession may last only a handful of seconds. I think at that point the doors open and one must simply feel shock, suddenly you’re greeted with an entire room full of people and your partner waiting at the other end of the room. In this instance, the process happens gradually. You get a glimpse of people through the curtain, then you appear and you see a few more. As you cross the courtyard and get ever closer a few more faces become clear and smiles can be seen in high resolution. This helps take the initial shock out of the situation, it’s not so overwhelming. By the time you reach the top of the aisle, the shock has subsided and what’s left is a sense of relief as you see your beloved waiting to greet you at the other end of the room. That’s my analysis anyway, considering the number of weddings I’ve seen and the format the bridal party entrance can take, I think it’s pretty bloody accurate.

So what else makes this such a great place to hold a wedding? It’s efficiency. I love an efficient plan. It gets all of the formalities done and dusted so you know they are in the bag and then allows plenty of time for partying hard. There are doors in and out of all the barns on multiple sides. This means it’s incredibly easy to move the couple in and out of spaces quickly when trying to arrange confetti and group pictures. It may sound odd, but hear me out. If you want to get anywhere fast on your wedding day, it’s very difficult. Naturally everyone wants to greet you and give you a hug and have a wee chat. This can take a few minutes per guest, multiply that by one hundred guests and that’s your entire drinks reception gone. The ability to move in between rooms is priceless. The couple can sneak off into one room after the ceremony, the guests can be positioned ready for confetti, then the bride and groom can sneak around the back through another handy door ready to appear at the top of the line. Once they reach the end of the confetti line and hit the bottom of the stairs, everyone is already on place for a massive group photograph. Nice. If you’ve ever been to a wedding and seen the resulting group pictures, people love to hide. You can’t avoid it, when people are stood in a line, someone will always try and duck behind someone else. The joy with the setup is everyone is stood on the stairs and they can’t hide, it’s a perfect scenario. The natural changes in height on the steps means that everyone can be seen and that is a big, big win. There you have it, maximum efficiency post wedding. Two of the hardest photographic formalities to organise are done in under ten minutes. Beautiful, now, let’s drink!






















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