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Wedding in Rye

Back to the merry old town of Rye in Sussex. Famed for it’s town crier who likes a drink, cobbled streets and seaside views, if you’re looking for an idyllic spot to conduct a most English seaside wedding then you’ve found your spot. This brief jaunt was inspired by the wedding of my most lovely friend to his now beautiful wife. The groom informed me that they wanted to get married on short notice as the brides father had sadly become ill, time was pressing and the day had to pulled together quickly. With little time to spare he informed me that they weren’t going to have any pictures taken, as the celebration of the day was the most important ting. Of course this is the case for all brides and grooms, but I wasn’t going to let that excuse slide, I very quickly told him that at the very least, I would take a handful of pictures for him. I cam very much present when taking pictures, it’s a necessary part of the whole process. Taking pictures for family and friends is a honour, I can’t bake a cake, I can’t make a suit, but I can take a picture, so at least I can contribute and give a gift to a friend, that’s what friends are for right?
It’s sad to have to write, but the brides father passed away very soon after the wedding, within a few days in fact. Whilst it is genuinely tragic, what a wonderful moment for him and for his daughter to be able to give her away to a young man who I can vouch is one of the most kind, caring and hard working people he could’ve hoped to have had as a son in law.
Why do I feel so compelled to write this?
I’m always confused by my own work. I’m not being daft, I reflect on it all the bloody time, my wife is pretty much worn out from the conversations we have every week about the direction of my work. The biggest questions are often something like ‘who is it for?’ and ‘is it any good?’. Photographs of family such as these become something of their own, and I love them for that. It’s not a case of ‘being a good picture’, the fact that you have captured that special moment removes all signs of me, which I enjoy. It has nothing to do with me, i am irrelevant, what matters is that we have this special moment captured, and now that her father is gone, it becomes even more significant. When im editing pictures i’m often torn on what to include and what to exclude. In recent years I have worked hard on getting over my insecurities and apprecating that the images aren’t about me. If the picture is creatively the greatest thing you’ve ever seen, no one will care, they will care more that you have captured a friend or family member enjoying themselves. Not every picture is going to be a showstopper, and i’m ok with that, whats most important is capturing the people, because they are what matter after all. Hug someone near you, and tell them you love them.


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