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What if you’re getting married and you’re stuck for entertainment ideas? You need a leisurely event, that everyone can enjoy. It’s summer time, chances are it will be warm. You also happen to have a penchant for sandwiches, cups of tea and sitting for long periods of time. You will be pleased to know ladies and gents, that Eversholt Hall, located but a stones throw from Milton Keynes, is on a cricket square! All your dreams have come true. Happiest day of your life, and cricket, this is win win. “But I hate cricket” I hear you say, maybe you just haven’t given it a chance? Sure test cricket takes five days, I say that’s good value. Picture this. The sun is shining, you’re the perfect ambient temperature, someone brings you a sandwich and a plate of cheese and a cup of tea. You have a little snooze, when you wake, you fancy a coffee and a cake, have a little look at the score, watch a few overs of the game, have a chat, do the crossword. CRICKET IS THE BEST GAME!

Fine, I concede. It’s not the most animated of games and you probably don’t want your guests distracted by sport during the reception or cocktail hour. In the summers where there is a major football tournament going on, this becomes a bit of a problem for me, as many of the guests disappear to find a tele and don’t interact with each other. Sure you might get  few fun photos of a celebration for a goal, maybe a beer will get thrown in the air, but equally you don’t want the majority of your candid photographs to be of people watching TV. There are plenty of recurring events up and down the country or even happening abroad that could affect what your guests could potentially be distracted by. Is it a world cup year? Is the FA cup final on? Is the marathon on and going to cause travel delays? Loads to think about. Eversholt Hall is just south of Milton Keynes which means it is serviced by the M1 for all those travelling from elsewhere and is nicely removed from Milton Keynes so it has a perfect rural English countryside feel to it, amplified further by the presence of the cricket pitch. 

High beams great you in the barn, the red brick brings a tremendous warmth to the space which makes it ideal for all year round use. Huge windows line one side of the barn which lets in plenty of light, all important for creating contrast in your wedding photographs. Evenly lit spaces look bright and airy, which is cool if that’s the look you’re going for. Contrast gives images drama, and a painterly look which adds a richness to the environment. Personally I love single light sources, the drama the light creates is fantastic and helps to ramp up the emotions contained within the image. The sharp shadows it creates helps to pull the viewer into the image. 

It was marvellous to share this happy occasion with two remarkable people and their families. The picture of the laughing grandma is amongst my all time favourites. Is it the best picture I will ever take? Probably not, but it’s one of those images that people really want. Everyone wants to look fab and have beautiful pictures, but the ones we truly cherish, print, put in albums and hold on to for generations are images like that. Pictures that share who a person really was. I never really considered the long term impact of my pictures when I started wedding photography, but it is remarkable to think that an image I took twenty years ago, now sits on a mantelpiece in memory of a loved one who is no longer with us. That’s powerful, and it’s why I love what I do.


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