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A Few things about me

I do all my own stunts

I'm not a great cook, my real talent is eating

I studied photography at The Nottingham Trent University

We saved our Cat from a bin, she could fit in the palm of your hand. Now she's huge and attacks me when I'm not looking...RIP old friend. You were a terrible editing partner, walking all over the keyboard, but great company

My favourite film is The Grand Budapest Hotel

I live and breathe photography, I make lumen prints and tintypes in my spare time

I can do a really good impression of a sheep

Welcome to my world

It's full of colour, fun, food and joy. I'm a mixed bag. Able to quote Monty Python with the best and happy to sit and talk philosophy with a glass of single malt until the small hours. I like getting the most out of life. Wedding photography lets me access a whole spectrum of emotions that no other form of photography can replicate. It's why I consider myself a specialist. I have no interest in photographing the A/W Chanel collection, that world isn't real, for me it holds no value. People are what interest me. How we live, how we interact and how we love. I love my wife dearly. I cannot string together a sentence that would encompass the overwhelming feelings that I have for her, the connection is what makes life worth living. I know how I am with her and I know what love is to me. Being able to recognise the same connections that other people possess and then photograph it, is a real joy. To photograph somebody's wedding is an honour and a privilege, the responsibility is something that I cherish. You have entrusted me, Liam Smith, to capture your connection. That's a big deal for me, but its why I think my work is different. I see the world in a certain way and I photograph people in a certain way, that's why its important that you not only like my work, but you like me and my philosophy too.

You should know that I will often only take one wedding per weekend. Weddings are hard work, they require focus and attention, framing the world all day takes a mental toll. But you should also know that I emotionally invest in you and the connection you share, and that is what makes me different, I care about you. I've never had a working relationship with a person that I couldn't trust, its the foundation for everything. With trust, we can conquer the world. As your wedding photographer you place the highest amount of trust in me and that's why I invest so much in you, because I care. This is not a stepping stone to another career, in twenty five years time you'll be celebrating your silver wedding anniversary and I will still be photographing weddings. Wedding photography is my life and its going to be my legacy. I fully intend on looking back at a life fully lived and shared with amazing people in love. When I retire, it will be because my body can take no more (its a tough old game you know) and my website will be a testament to the joy that I have shared with thousands of people. For now, lets live in the moment and photograph what's real, real is awesome and real is beautiful.

My Approach

I've written a few articles to give you an idea of how I work. This piece explores my love of black and white wedding photography and here you can read about my alternative approach to wedding photography and what makes me different.

I love to travel

Here is a document of some of my travels around this planet we called Earth. I always find it funny that we basically named it 'dirt' but then I am fond of daft things. I think travelling is integral to personal development, spiritually, professionally, emotionally...all of it. Travelling challenges ideas and preconceptions, stimulates the mind and leads to enlightenment. I find it nourishes the soul and feeds the imagination. I've always been fascinated with the evolution of society and culture, travelling is a fantastic way to nurture and feed that curiosity, and it also gives me the opportunity to take some awesome photographs.

Outside of weddings, I love street and documentary photography. Culture and behaviour fascinate me, street photography is a way to explore this interest, examining the depth of human expression. In new lands, its hard to ignore the landscape itself. In my quest to live a life more in tune with nature, I find myself drawn to the untouched landscape, imagining a world once uninhabited. What underpins all of my work, is light. Without it, photography is impossible. It informs the fundamentals of the medium and single handedly crafts a picture. It falls, it dances, it radiates. Light has a magical quality, reserved only for those who are willing to rise from their slumber in order to see it.

These adventures include the contrasting landscapes of Costa Rica, New York, Morocco and Iceland. All of which were entirely unique and absolutely spectacular. If my philosophy and approach aligns with yours and you think we can work together, head to the contact page and tell me about your plans.

I believe that life is fun. 

I don't take myself too seriously and spend most of my time wondering what to eat next. I believe in the importance of family, the greatness of art and photography and that the kitchen table should be the cornerstone of any household.

I share this wonderful adventure called life with my wife Jen. We were married in December 2016, surrounded by all things Christmas, it was truly the happiest day of my life.

I began to take pictures when my art teachers told me that my paintings were too conceptual/rubbish. Being a defiant individual I veered away from the conceptual and sought after the most literal form of image making I could find, and then I landed on Photography. The love affair began and since the age of sixteen I've spent all my time, effort and money on photography. And it's been the single most rewarding thing I've ever done.

sunset in paradise
mangrove swamp
beach portrait at sunset
sunset on christmas day
yves saint laurent gardens
view from biplane window
venice streets
my wife in venice
frozen waterfall in iceland
hiking through the snow
moonrise in iceland