Asian wedding photographer

Asian wedding photographer 

I bloody love Asian weddings, the dancing, the colour, the festivities. The whole day is full of emotion. The beauty of the work that I do and living in London is that you become exposed to all different cultures and ways of life. It’s amazing to see how so many different people celebrate the union of two people. What also makes it fascinating, is when two different cultures come together and celebrate traditions from two very different parts of the world. I was lucky enough to photograph a wedding in the highlands that celebrated all things traditionally Scottish, whilst honouring the brides Asian heritage and having a Chinese tea ceremony as well.

asian wedding photographerasian wedding photographer

You might find my work differs from the usual and i’m not the typical Asian wedding photographer. Emotion drives my work. People are a constant source of inspiration. Working spontaneously in the moment is such a thrill, you never know what people are going to do next. Laughter, tears, dancing, singing, it can all happen in a matter of moments, that’s what I love to capture. There is a tremendous sense of community that one can experience at Asian weddings, everyone comes from far and wide to celebrate two peoples union. Everyone, and I mean everyone, is invited. Nothing is too much trouble and anything goes as long as it involves having a good time. It’s incredibly inclusive and open, Asian weddings recognise that it’s the chance for the community to celebrate, and I love that.

The dancing! Oh the dancing! I love this picture of a chap on his knees dancing to the rhythm whilst his mate slaps a twenty pound note on his head. Weddings, music and drink do the most wonderful things to people, the joy takes you to a new blissful place, where nothing really matters except for the beat of the drum.

I’ve been an Asian wedding photographer in London for approximately seven years and have been fortunate enough to have travelled all over this great city documenting peoples celebrations. I love how there is always an element of home life in an Asian wedding. No matter how grand the reception room is or how ornately decorated the ceremony room, we always start at home, paying respects to family. It’s a beautiful way to honour family and tradition but also to recognise where one comes from and what it took to get them where they are today, it must be quite a humbling experience. To see all of your closest family and friends, but also distant members of the community who have seen you grow come out and wish you well is a beautiful thing and something we could all learn from. To look out for and love each other, that’s the ideal.

Another element that I love about Asian wedding photography, is the contrast between eastern and western elements that make up the day. I love seeing bright colours against the Victorian landscape of London. The contrast between east, west, new and old creates a stunning spectacle. I’m yet to see an elephant ride to a church yet, but here’s to hoping! Whatever your background, creed or culture, a wedding is a time to celebrate, if you’re planning an Asian wedding in London and are in need of an Asian wedding photographer in London then send me a message via the contact form and we’ll get the ball rolling! I can’t wait to hear what you’ve got planned.

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