Fine Art Wedding Photography

Fine art is typically defined as soft, natural images that convey the beauty of the subject. Shallow depth of field, pastel colours and ethereal beauty are also often associated with it. 

I take natural photographs that show each couples uniqueness. I don't pose my pictures, I let the moment speak for itself. If it's funny, sad or romantic, the moment is what matters, I produce images that tell the story of the wedding, without interfering.

My pictures celebrate emotion, uniqueness and fun. Here's a wedding from 2018.

wedding details
groomsmen put on buttonholes
wedding ceremony
exchange of rings
married couple
girls carry bride
ushers carry groom
couple portrait

It's been said many times that a picture is worth a thousand words. While our memories are often full of good times and high places, one way to be able to convey, as closely as possible, your experiences to others is to have pictures that will last a lifetime and will capture the moment beautifully. One day that you will want to capture on film and preserve forever is your wedding. Hiring the right wedding photographer is important, transforming what is just pure and humdrum wedding photography into a fine art. I am honoured to have been recently listed amongst the best wedding photographers with a real wedding feature on the Wedding Photography Select blog, whoo!

If you are getting married, you know that the UK is one of the most dynamic places in the world to tie the knot. Churches, cathedrals, converted barns, abandoned asylums, you name it you can get married in it in the UK. You will want a wedding photographer who is familiar to the city and all its quirks so that they know how to use the light and the landscape as well as possible to beautifully capture your wedding so that you will be able to look back on pictures for years and years to come.

Artistic or Fine Art Wedding Photography: This type of photography refers to a contemporary take on the traditional set of posed photographs. Fine art wedding photography is not just about capturing your vows being said, although that is important, too. It's about documenting the whole experience. Perhaps you'll have engagement pictures taken and then pictures at the ceremony. Then a wedding photographer can bring you to some scenic areas where you can take more pictures that will turn your day into a memory book that will always make you smile and remember your most special day as fondly and as accurately as possible. Sometimes, it is the small details captured in pictures, that we forget about and will enjoy seeing as we look through our photos.

A great photographer will not just take pictures that look like a generic wedding. They will capture the moments that will capture the connection between the people captured on the film. It's nice to have photos that are vivid and capture the moment, but that are unique, soft, beautiful and even with a touch of vintage quality. It's nice to receive photos that document your wedding, in a special way. There is nothing generic about your wedding, so you don't want staged and generic pictures of it. Choosing the right photographer will help you document your memories the way you want to have them documented. It is also worth bearing in mind the different styles available, have you considered a documentary style photographer? 

A good wedding photographer is worth their weight in gold. While a wedding photographer is an investment, it is one that is well worth it. Before hiring a photographer, you should ask to look at their work to see what kind of photos they take to be sure that what they can do is in line with what you want to have in your photo albums. When you look at photographers, work they will have worked with different couples for various weddings, all of which are different, but you will soon see that they have a photographic style that is all their own. You are looking for the photographer that has a graphic style that appeals to what you want. To understand more about how I work, visit my site

Fine art wedding photography