How To Select A Photographer For Your Jewish Wedding!

I bloody love photographing Jewish weddings.

jewish wedding photographer london

My wedding photography focuses on emotions and interactions between people and the joy of my job is that it exposes me to different cultures and traditions that I would otherwise have absolutely no access to. At every single Jewish wedding I have photographed, the guests, friends and family have all been so incredibly kind, loving and expressive, and that’s exactly why I love them. The big hugs, the tears and the rapturous laughter, it all comes together in a mega mix whirlwind kind of way which picks you up and takes you along with it. In the case of the bride and groom and the Hora, it quite literally picks you up!

jewish wedding photographer london

I love working with people and families who aren’t afraid to express their emotions and show outwardly just how much they love and care for each other. Saying this, some of the most heartfelt shots I’ve ever taken contain members of the family who aren’t usually expressive and I catch them in that once in a lifetime, never again repeated moment where they shed a tear, hug like there’s no tomorrow, or hold hands like it was the first time – it’s usually the Dad’s :)

jewish wedding

I come from a catholic family on one side and a protestant family on the other. Yes, how very romeo and Juliet of my parents. Whilst both are interesting in their own way and have set ways of marrying two people, in comparison, the wedding ceremonies are near enough the same. One of the best bits of being a wedding photographer is that you’re not limited to the types of wedding that you can photograph. With this comes exposure to all sorts of faiths, creeds and ideas of what a wedding celebration is. With Jewish weddings, I have to say, my favourite part is the Hora. Smashing the glass is cool, but there’s nothing quite like like picking up the bride and groom and parading them around the dance floor, even better when the chairs don’t have arms to hold on to!

jewish wedding photographer

I love these traditions because they are inclusive and outwardly celebratory. When everyone has had a few drinks it’s an amazingly inclusive way to celebrate. The bride and groom are lifted up above the gathered crowd where everyone can see them. All of the guests will know either the bride or groom and be able to share in the moment with them. The best bit though, is that because it is undoubtedly funny, everyone can share in the moment together, turning to the people who may be strangers on either side of you and sharing a laugh. It brings people together, and I’m all for that.

Are you planning a Jewish wedding in London? If so, have a look through the website and the blog to get an idea of who I am and how I work. If you think I would be a good fit to capture the laughter, tears and massive hugs expected on your wedding day then send me an email or Whatsapp message, or give me a call and we can arrange a time and place to drink tea and eat something tasty.

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