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Notley Tythe Barn Wedding Photography

I make no secret of my love for Caravaggio/Rembrandt style window light, weddings are the perfect place to capture it as the make up artists and hair stylists always place their subjects in the best possible light to make sure they get even coverage across the face. The high contrast it brings to a scene is a wonderful thing, it allows for a painterly light to fall across the scene without my interference. This allows me to focus entirely on the moment as the light is all taken care of, wait for the subject to descend into a moment of quiet reflection and boom! There’s your picture. I was doubly lucky on the lighting front at this Notley Tythe Barn Wedding, because not only did the hotel have large windows to let in all the light, the venue does too. The ceremony light in barns is often awful because barns were of course designed to be a barn, storage of crops, animals, farming equipment. Natural light was never really a consideration. Therefore where the ceremony typically takes place is in a dark corner. Notley Tythe Barn however are one of the few wedding venues that are fortunate enough to have a window right in front of where the couple are married. This is a huge win and the resulting aesthetic is wonderful. The intimate feel of the barn wedding venue is maintained, but it also means the photographs are evenly lit, with no strange shadows on the couples face, and are nice and bright too, so it doesn’t look like it happened in a bunker!

The result is a big win for the couples as well, because let’s face it, although i like funny pictures where people fall over, everyone still wants to look nice on their wedding day. The light you achieve is similar to that used by professional make up artists in a studio and gives flawless, even skin tones. It also gradually falls away as it enters the room, which certainly adds to the atmosphere. These two went to town on the decorations, making many of them by hand. Tributes to their literary heroes were paid across all the decorations. Pages fro favourite novels were used in the bunting, lyrics to songs were used as the paper confetti cones and the table flowers stood on a plinth of vintage books, all tied together with twine for that authentic Dickensian schoolboy charm. Getting married at any time of year in the UK can often feel like a gamble with the weather. Who knows what it’s going to do. As I write it’s October and the sun is out, two weeks ago there were four days of non stop rain, this island is at the whim of climes coming from across north Africa and Eastern Europe, who know what we’ll get next. That being said, where there is light, there are beautiful pictures to be had, winter weddings don’t mean dreary, they mean atmospheric. I hope in this set of images I’ve captured the atmosphere, the connection and the delicate nature of these two wonderful souls. If you’re looking for a wedding photographer who has experience as a wedding photographer in Northampton or capturing wedding photographs at Notley Tythe barn, then head over to the contact page and i’ll get the kettle on.

bride getting ready near windowfamily of four laughingflowergirl has makeup appliedmother of bride with veilbride walking down the aislebride and groom smilingfather of bride gives bride awaybride portrait during wedding ceremonymother of bride cries during servicegroom laughing with guesttable setup at notley tythe barnflowers at notley tythe barn weddingtable centre at notley tythe barn weddingnotley tyhe barn wedding breakfastview of countrysiderolls royce wedding carmarried couple portraitclose up of wedding cakewedding cake notley farm wedding

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