oxo tower wedding

The OXO tower wedding in our nations capital city – yes OXO, like the cube…they have a tower…and it’s really cool!

Does it smell of beef stock? No is the answer, glad we got that one sorted early.

Did you know this place hosted events? Me neither. But now you know!

Key things to expect: Epic views of the Thames, completely private space, plenty of photo ops around the south bank.

Here’s proof of my claim of epic views of the River Thames:

the oxo tower wedding photography londonThe south bank lands you in the London Borough of Lambeth. Now, if the registrars we had for this ceremony are entirely representative of the whole borough of Lambeth, then i recommend you have your ceremony in Lambeth. These guys put on a show. It felt warm, inclusive and light. Nothing overly formal, plenty of ice breakers and genuinely funny moments. Not just awkward gags that people tell that feel rehearsed, these guys knew how to put a crowd at ease and it was one of the best ceremonies I’ve ever seen.

There aren’t man pictures in this post, I promised the couple I’d only use these ones. Weddings are intimate events and peoples privacy is a top priority. I love the below shot as it captures three generations of the same family, all smiling and interacting, all enjoying the day. We’ve got the grandparents, the parents and the children all in one picture, I hope this is framed somewhere in their house. As you can see, the kids were having a grand old time, pulling faces was par for the course, I of course was more than happy to photograph them causing a riot, lets hope these pictures are dug out again for their 18th birthdays for embarrassment purposes. I think it’s really difficult to consider the longevity of photographs and probably why it’s really difficult for me to put a price on the services I offer, the true value of the photographs probably won’t be felt for another ten years. It’s only in those moments of reminiscing that we appreciate those moments and how we can never get them back, it’s then, and only then, that we can appreciate the investment made. This is why I always try to educate clients as best as I can when it comes to choosing a wedding photographer, it’s very hard to do, but you must consider the long term value of the images. Instagram will come and go, likes and shares mean nothing. In thirty years time, will you regret not having genuine moments to reflect on? Moments that show you how you felt? I love looking back at old pictures because no one ever comments on how stunning the scenery is or how pretty someone looks, those aren’t the pictures that grandparents and parents print to put around their houses. They hold the picture in their hand, the tangible, printed image, and talk about how it makes them feel. There’s a magic to that, and it’s something social media will never be able to replicate.cutting the cake with family laughingflower girl pulling faces

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