Sculpture Gallery Wedding Photos, Woburn

“I’m originally from Milton Keynes”


“ahh yes, the place with all the roundabouts…”

Let’s call this blog post and ode to Wedding Photography in Milton Keynes and the possibilities of a beautiful wedding within the town with a reputation for being little more than a commuter village with roundabouts and concrete cows.

Yes, I was born in Milton Keynes, yes, I grew up there. Is it as dull as it’s reputation? I think not, maybe i’m biased, but if you’ll indulge me, there are in fact many a lovely place in and around Milton Keynes.

Milton Keynes is actually quite cool. We have Woburn, Willen lake, Bletchley park, Bradwell Abbey, Stony Stratford, like canals? got loads of them. See, it’s all going on, “what about gullivers land and center parcs” – quiet, no one needs to know about them…

Let’s start where we intend to begin (that sounded more Shakespearean in my head), Woburn. Now Liam, Woburn is technically in Bedfordshire, how ever will you convince us if you can’t get your geography right?

Well, i’m going to claim it as the majority of Woburn has an MK postcode, MK17 to be exact, so blah! 

Woburn has history. It appears in the Domesday book in 1086 (I’ve been calling it the doomsday book, why didn’t anyone ever correct me? this reminds me of the time i was saying ‘a-dajj’ with a sort of french accent, instead of ‘addage’, i guess that’s a testament to how polite people in MK are? can i claim that one? yes i’m going to). Like much of the UK in the middle ages, there seemed to be a great mis-use of fire, and like London, Woburn was hit by many fires throughout it’s history. Reading by the lamplight? clothes soaked in paraffin? grandma soaked in paraffin? who knows, either way, it’s been burnt down and rebuilt a few times. The jewel in it’s crown today and what it is probably most widely known for is of course Woburn abbey and Woburn safari park, and that’s where this gig goes down.

Starting off at St.Mary’s parish church and heading off up the hill, past the Deer and on to the sculpture gallery.

One thing about wedding photography that I’ve always loved is how moments just happen in front of you. It’s probably why I’ve always struggled with the idea of winning awards for my photography, because the moment is there, you just have to be paying attention. In the same way that a dream comes to you, an aesthetically pleasing moment appears in the exact same way. It is not in your control, you have no influence over it and even poetically enough, if you try too hard to hold on to it, it will escape you. You have to embrace it, stay calm, move fluidly with it and allow it to run it’s course, snatch at it and it disappears, like an icicle melting in your palm, the perfection of it exists only for a second. This wedding was full of these moments, somehow bold and subtle at the same time. The twisting of fingers, such a simple gesture that communicates so much. Apprehension, nerves, joyful anticipation. 

It’s amazing to watch people do what they do. There’s no need to interfere, the beauty is all around. And if you were in any doubt over whether or not to have a confetti canon, scroll to the end, it will probably help you make up your mind.

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