We hate having our picture taken!

Don’t worry, everyone says that.

I mean that sincerely, the statement may have a slight spin on it. “We’re awkward in front of the camera, we don’t ave any pictures of us up around the house, I always pull this weird half smile psychopath look”…seriously, EVERYONE says it.

Before we delve further, let me introduce myself: my name is Liam Smith and I am considered one London’s best wedding photographers.

For you, that’s a good thing.

That means that every single person you’ve ever seen on my website or social media channels has said the exact same thing. They were in the same position as you, having the same thoughts and the same potential anxieties, but the result is the same, high quality, immersive and emotional imagery. How am I able to consistently deliver photographs that allow you to relive the day?

First and foremost, there’s no posing.

But seriously though Liam, how do you do it?

There is no real secret, once I tell you, it sounds pretty obvious.

It’s because I place so much emphasis on you liking me.

If you like me, feel comfortable around me and trust me, the pictures will be fantastic…

hate having picture taken

The beauty of this is that it rubs off on everyone around you. As soon as I arrive on the day, I say hello, get my cameras out and then crack on. When you then immediately relax (because you know me, and know how I work) then everyone else around you relaxes too. This effect continues throughout the day. When guests see me interacting with you, getting in close to take pictures, they also see that as normal and then immediately trust me to, it’s a wonderful thing.

There’s a really elegant way to explain this. If you have two pianos in the same room and play a note on one, the other piano vibrates the exact same note. The sound travels through the air and effects everything around it, the mood spreads through a room in the exact same way.

The cornerstone of my work is you feeling like I’m there to document the day, not alter, not stage, not pose. If you see my work, see all the laughing, the tears and the sometimes embarrassing moments and then meet me, you know that I’m there to document in an affectionate way. I want to celebrate the individuality of you and your guests, not be lurking, waiting for someone to make a fool of themselves and go ‘ha! Gotcha!’. It’s just not like that.

I’m there to share in the fun, and take pictures.

When you’re relaxed, and trust in my objective, then you relax, and the natural flow of the day takes you away. You largely ignore me, knowing that i’m doing exactly what you hired me to do. If you can’t see me, it’s because you trust that I’m away somewhere else photographing something else really interesting, quirky or funny.

The best compliment I’ve ever received was ‘we forgot you were here/we didn’t realise you were there and took that picture!’.

That tells me that you were comfortable enough in my company to completely ignore me and be completely in the moment – perfect.

So let’s meet, let’s get drinks, let’s do dinner. I’m a real boy! (Pinocchio in Shrek voice!), so if you’ve got any questions just ping me an email or instant message.

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