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I moved to Blackheath about five years ago knowing nothing of the place, only that it would cut my journey to the school that I was teaching photography at by two thirds. That was reason enough for me, i’m sure it’s lovely, i’ll work the rest out later. It so transpires that Blackheath is one of the best places to live in London. I’m biased of course, but hear me out. Sure it’s not on a tube line, but if you’ve been on a packed commuter tube, then you know that that might not always be a bad thing.

Endless green space, a quality local butchers, trains in and out of London bridge that take twelve minutes. You’d be daft not to consider it as your next potential move. Living here is one thing, but what about getting married in Blackheath?

You have plenty of options, all of which require very little (if any) travel. The church in the middle of the heath, the hotel on the heath, the registry office in Greenwich. All good options. Expand your thinking a wee bit and you’ll open up a whole host of places to explore. Businesses want your custom, particularly restaurants. It’s not uncommon for everything from the locally run family restaurant to the huge chains to fail, eating habits are changing, some win and some lose. How is this relevant? Hosting your wedding breakfast at a restaurant may work out considerably cheaper than hiring a designated, traditional. Purpose built ‘wedding venue’, and that’s exactly what these two did, and benefited from. Here we find ourselves at a charming little Italian restaurant located just off of the main road running through the centre of Blackheath. Once inside, you would have no idea that you weren’t in any one of the country’s up and coming funky event spaces. Beautifully lit, tastefully decorated and wonderfully intimate, this place underlines what can be achieved with a little out of the box thinking. Check out this image of the tables set up, it doesn’t look like a restaurant, it wonderfully captured the necessary feelings of grandeur that a wedding commands, whilst feeling intimate and simultaneously relaxed.

The speeches have to be the highlight of the day, what an absolute triumph. The groom gave a comedic performance that could teach modern day stand up comedians a thing or too, the room was alive with laughter. From the tender to the outright outrageous, he hit the nail on the head and brought the roof down, what a truly delightful thing to have witnessed. Blackheath of course benefits from being in such close proximity to Greenwich, which means you can choose to host the ceremony in the more formal settings of say, the naval colleges and then head to less formal surroundings for the evening meal and entertainment. You could even head to the yacht club (yes, Greenwich has a yacht club) for three levels of frivolous fun and a cracking view of the sun setting over the Thames. 

wedding breakfast tableswedding breakfast layoutblackheath wedding venueguests laughingguests laughingwedding guest wih fake moustachebride laughing at grooms speechbride laughing at grooms speechbride laughing at grooms speechbride laughing at grooms speechwedding guests laughingfather feeds child juxtaposed against a funny sign

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