One Whitehall Place wedding

One Whitehall Place Wedding

Back again to London for a wedding of high class.

Champagne, Bow-ties, secret societies…

“What’s he on about secret societies?” – I don’t really know, it had that vibe though. There were men in long coats and hats at the front door telling me I was in the wrong place, they were perfect gents and gave me instructions on where to go. I exited the building, entered through a separate side door, across a hotel foyer, through another door and ended up in the same place. They seemed much more pleased about the route I had taken, it seems the first door I’d used was for members only, despite ending up standing on the exact same piece of marble floor…The walls adorned with portraits of former secretaries and members…the stairs were the perfect angle to walk up without being out of breath at the top, as if the designer had considered men of Churchill’s build and thought how one might navigate said stairs after an afternoon of brandy and cigars. Like Elephants slumping up the stairs I could almost picture them. I arrived on the top floor to find none other than…Churchill’s Bar…see what I mean? Something society like about it.

I then found out that it is in fact home to the National Liberal Club, it is private members only, but has both men and women as members, which is good to hear. Progressive ideas are most welcome in modern Britain, lets keep moving forward, discussing ideas freely and moving towards a better, inclusive future for absolutely everyone. Well then, what better location to host this wedding of two delightful gentlemen, celebrating their union at the capitals home of liberalism. Supposedly members would finish their evenings in the late 1800’s by jumping in the Thames, this evening didn’t end in quite the same fashion, but some rad shapes were certainly thrown on the dance floor. I’ve always had difficulties with the labels of ‘gay wedding’ or ‘same sex marriage’, love is love, a wedding is a wedding, to make a distinction based upon gender I don’t agree with. Weddings/unions/marriages, whatever you want to call them are celebrations of the connection that two people have, as a progressive society we should strive to normalise the language of ‘a couple’ being all inclusive. It would be amazing if we could evolve as a society and develop a way of looking at love in the same way that the Greeks did. Love has subtleties and nuances that we may never fully understand, one person can love one person, one person can love themselves and many people all at the same time. Love is a good thing, let’s keep trying to spread it.

I didn’t expect all of this to flow out of me when I started writing. I think that seeing the connection that these two share, coming from different cultural backgrounds and finding each other at opposite ends of the earth has enlightened me on some level. Man, Woman, non-binary, gender fluid – love is love, it should be embraced and celebrated by all. The world is a tough place to be sometimes and if you’ve found someone who you can navigate it with and find happiness, then you should have a party, and tell the whole world about it. :)

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