How I Got The Shot – Emotional Father of the Bride Speech

Speeches are an incredible time for emotionally charged photographs. This year has been a real zinger for emotional speeches, some huge lols and some heart wrenching stories, plenty of tears and many, many shots. This is from a beautiful summer wedding in 2018 and is one of my all time favourite speech photographs; one of the many reasons why I love being a wedding photographer in London!

emotional father of the bride speech

This picture was taken during the father of the bride speech. This amazing man stood up and read a letter from his wife who is sadly no longer with us, the letter was addressed to her daughter on her wedding day. It is easily the most heart aching thing I have ever experienced, I am not ashamed to admit that it made me cry.

Weddings will do that to you, you invest in the people and their lives, you can’t help but emotionally connect. I took lots of pictures during this speech, luckily I had my main man Marius with me too who took some bloody fantastic images that I wish were mine! That’s the joy of having a good second photographer and why I only hire top level second shooters, I want quality, not filler!

The letter had the whole room in pieces, I left Marius to shoot the guests and I concentrated on the top table.
Everyone had been crying individually, but this scene happened only once during the entire speech. I popped up from my crouched position, took four pictures in quick succession and ducked back down again. I’ve been a guest at weddings where the photographer stands in front of the top table and it mad me absolutely furious. I’m all for getting good pictures, but never at the expense of the guests experience.

I shot this on a canon 17-40mm at 17mm. Shooting super wide has distorted the edge slightly, but I’m not overly concerned with techy stuff, if I capture the moment then I’m happy.

The problem with speech photographs will always be wine bottles and flowers obscuring peoples faces. Fortunately in this moment, the father of the groom on the extreme left lent back in his chair and came out from behind the wine bottle, some things you just can’t take credit for.

Here’s a letter I received from the father of the bride after the wedding. Always give feedback whenever you can, to anyone in any profession, it brings a little slice of joy to anyone.

Just wanted to say a huge thanks for the wedding pics, they are absolutely fab and capture the whole day, the fun, the emotion, the love.

When Sophie sent some through to my phone whilst we were out shopping in Brighton they brought me to a standstill and I’m not ashamed to say, brought a tear to my eye as you’ve captured so many memorable moments.

When Sophie said she and Nick were off to see a potential photographer in London and subsequently booked him, I thought they were mad as there must have been somebody more local but on seeing the pics, they were so right and the proof is in the pictures.

Thanks so much for helping make and being such an important part of our special day.
Thoroughly well done and…………………….thanks for the dance. :)

Some context to the last statement. The rave was in full flow and the fob was so stoked about the day that he was going for it, I join in on the dance-floor to create more intimate pictures, plus partying is fun. I find standing around observing to be a bit weird, if i’m in the moment with you, then we share a moment, it’s a much friendlier way of working.

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