Wedding Photography: It’s all about the people

Wedding storytelling

The best stories are timeless, retold for generations. My photographs tell a story. They take you on a journey. Throughout this page I’ll showcase some of my most favourite wedding photographs, if you have time, head on over to the blog to read about why I love wedding photography. My photographs cover the whole spectrum of emotions, uncontrollable laughter to tears of joy. A wedding is an adventure, it picks you up and takes you away with it, it’s magic. My Instagram account and the wedding photography blog have the most up date work, but here’s an in depth look at my work and process.

group wedding photography not formal having fun

Weddings are unique events, every single one. They can produce the sublime and the ridiculous, at all times they are magnificent to witness. People make weddings. Sure flowers, food and music play their part, but it’s the people that bring the event to life. Love plays an intrinsic role in the day, but the best part of love is that it finds it’s way into everyone’s hearts. Seeing happy events releases happy chemicals like serotonin and oxytocin, it becomes infectious, A wave of joy spreads through the guests, it’s tangible and incredibly moving. My job as your wedding photographer is to capture it in it’s purest form. The joy is already in the room, I just have to capture it. This is the crux of what makes the day amazing to be a part of, I don’t interfere with the action or tell anyone what to do, they do it all on their own because they love the bride and groom, that’s special

Every single client I meet can recount a tale of being a guest at a wedding and not seeing the bride and groom because they went off with the photographer for ages. That sounds so incredibly dull. Why would you have all your friends and family around you and then have a photo-shoot? It’s bananas. I don’t want your memory of the day to be filled with instances that involve me, Sure I’m right there with you in the moment, but that’s the key, I’m in the moment with you, being a part of the day, not influencing it – unless of course I tell an absolute zinger of a joke, but I’m not exactly known for my comedy prowess.
Long and short, my work isn’t traditional.

My clients hire me because firstly, they like me and they trust me. This is probably the most important step in hiring a wedding photographer, well, hiring anyone really. Everything is built upon trust. If you trust me, then you’ll relax around me. If you’re relaxed, then you’ll be yourself. That is when we enter the amazing zone. I’m assuming you like my pictures too, that’s why you’re still here. Liking me is key. I will be about five feet away from you as you get married, You don’t want to be distracted.

Getting stuck in

wedding guests laughing playing croquet

I am a wedding photographer and I love my job. Hopefully as you browse through this page and the rest of the site you begin to understand who I am and how I photograph. Life is full of joy and wonder, the only reason I photograph is to try and capture those feelings. Life is too short for contrived. Give me real, give me rolling on the floor, give me roly polys, give me life!
I can’t define how I work, it’s impossible. It’s a mixture of candid, documentary, journalistic and some times even fine art (I take pictures of details too) When I’m on the prowl I’m looking for laughter primarily, but sometimes the moment calls for something else. Not every moment is a roflcopter moment, sometimes you need a subtler approach. Touching of hands, delicate glances or a single tear. It’s the interaction between people that is the focus of my work.

The best bit of taking images in this documentary style, is that people are so involved and invested in the moment that they pay no attention to you whatsoever. It’s amazing how close you can get to an intimate moment and no one know you’re there. One of the greatest compliments my clients give me is when they see an image and exclaim we didn’t even know you were there.

Let’s start at the beginning

Bridal prep is what it’s typically called, but I prefer calling it the start of the day. There’s so much going on that narrowing it down in such a way seems exclusive of the other guests, the whole point of my work is to capture the vibes, not just a single person.
The nerves are kicking in, guests are arriving as you peek between the parting of the curtain. Soon it will be show time! The morning preparations can bring a multitude of feelings. Nervous anticipation, tears and giggles. Put some Champagne in the mix and away we go! Every story needs a start, but the starting point for some stories isn’t always the very beginning, so if you’re not keen on having the morning photographed, then don’t sweat it, many brides decide for me to start my day at the church. It’s your day, do what feels right.

bride fixes sons hairbride fixes daughters hairbride and sister in law cryingbride gives daughter giftbride cries black and white photographs

The images above show what the start of the wedding day story really looks like, not what you expected? None of my images are staged. The moments unfold with the natural progression of the day and this is the result.

I love this sequence because of it’s purity. There’s delicate touches, interesting faces and genuine love and affection.

The Wedding Ceremony

Guests start to arrive; there’s an energy in the air…
Smiles greet the groom as friends, family and well-wishers pour into the venue, taking their seats with eager anticipation of the union of two people. Is there anything more exciting? I bloody love weddings. The vicar checks the time, the grooms-men wonder who’s next, the paige boy falls over, it’s all go. The ceremony is it’s own micro story. Outpouring of emotions, prayers, songs, canine ring bearers, you’ve got to be on your toes. You can see from the images that I’m close to the guests, but no one minds because I’m not intruding, I like to think that I carry an air of calm and people immediately feel comfortable. I’m not there to make people look ridiculous, being allowed into other peoples lives and photographing them is a privilege, I genuinely believe that.

black and white photograph mother of bride cryinggroom hugs sonbridesmaids hug and laughI’m all about the LOL’s the, ROFL’s the ROFLCOPTER’s

groomsmen make confetti cone unicornboy presses face against glass looking at wedding cakebride laughing in black and white wedding photograph

I love Black and White Wedding Photography

I deliver the vast majority of images in both colour and black and white. Head on over to the blog to read my piece on black and white wedding photography. In the slideshow and printed images the vast majority are in black and white. They’re timeless and possess a unique quality. Some images however, just don’t work in black and white and have to be colour. It comes down to artistic vision and once again, trust. If you trust me to document and record your day through my photographs, then I hope you’ll trust me to also edit them with care.

Documentary Wedding Photography – what is it?
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