Should I include a wedding album in my package?

This may read as a really odd post, because you would imagine that it makes sense for me running a business to try and sell stuff.

However, as an honest businessman and an award winning wedding photographer, I don’t believe in selling something for the sake of it, or selling things that people don’t need or won’t use.

If I give you all of the useful information, then you can make an informed choice, that is absolutely the best way to be. I hope having read this deep into my website you feel like you can trust me on some level, so here goes, should you order a wedding album up front?

I felt compelled to write this because believe it or not, each year I have albums ordered by clients (and paid for upfront) that are never completed.

There’s the hard honest facts.

This may sound odd, but once the wedding day has passed and you have returned from you honeymoon/mini-moon/weekend away, life carries on. You have new adventures, new ambitions and new goals you want to achieve as a couple. I’m married, and there is a certain new excitement that comes post wedding, and it’s one of looking to the future – this is a good thing. However, making a wedding album takes a concentrated effort, and the reality is as time goes on, it becomes less of a priority.

Some people have children, others move house, it could be anything. Often clients find themselves in a position where the album isn’t a priority, one week drifts into two which becomes six months, before you know it a year has passed.

I love printed pictures, and I definitely think you should print and frame a few as a priority as soon as you have your wedding pictures delivered. The album usually takes about six weeks to print once submitted, design time takes as long as, well, as long as it takes. The hardest first step is for you to select your favourite 150-200 pictures, this is the hardest step because my pictures are all great. Bazinga. But seriously, the online gallery can be anywhere up to 1500 pictures, so this bit takes time and effort. Once you’ve done this bit, it takes me around two weeks to make the first draft – this is hugely dependant on the time of year though, it’s often much quicker, then after that it’s up to you again to tell me any amendments. We send it back and forth until you’re happy to go to print.

There you go, honesty at it’s finest.

I would much rather you spend your money on prints that will actually make your life that little bit more lovely. And if that means spending a few pennies at a framers rather than giving it to me, then so be it. Printing pictures is so important, they make a house a home, so it doesn’t matter how you do it, whether it’s a book or wall mounted frames, just get it done!

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