I always enjoy writing these blog posts, mostly because I conduct research into places that i frequent and uncover riches of previously unknown information.
Take Stony Stratford for example, a major part of Milton Keynes (probably the best part on balance) has had a market since 1194 and was part of a major transport route between London and Cheshire…i didn’t know that…here’s some other things i didn’t know…

Stratford – an Anglo Saxon word which means ‘ford on a roman road’ – ok, whats a ford?

Ford – a place to cross a river, shallow, with good footing

Stony – the ford, place to cross, has lots of stones.

A stony place to cross a river on a roman road. Cool.

Here is one of the most depressing lines from Wikipedia – “Until the early 1900s, livestock marts were still held in the market square but in more recent times the square has become a car park”.

Whats that song? Is it Joni Mitchell? Paved paradise, put up a parking lot…and we wonder why our towns are polluted and we spent mega money on imported food in supermarkets. Shall i run for local councillor? Nah. “I wouldn’t want to belong to a club that would have me as a member”

Check this. In 1290 an Eleanor Cross was erected in Stony Stratford, whats that all about? There was once a lady called Eleanor of Castile, wife of Edward I, and when she died, he had these crosses put up at every stop that she took on her journey to rest. 12 stops from Lincoln to Charing cross.

Stony Stratford also nearly burnt to the ground, once in 1736, and again in 1742. The question remains, what were they doing to burn an entire town down twice in six years. Fire juggling? Petrol fires? Too many straw roofs and a love of fireworks?

Milton Keynes gets alot of shtick for being mostly roundabouts, but there is some serious history here. Don’t forget Bradwell abbey is noted in the doomsday book, you know, the book where all the doom is kept.

You will read the following across my entire website, ‘meet your wedding photographer’. Its one of the best investments of time you’ll make. Before the wedding day in stony Stratford we met for a drink, started a Whatsapp group and started exchanging pictures of puppies, of course as well as answering wedding related questions. By the time the day itself arrives, i’m part of the team, and it makes such a difference. Its like being a part of the family, and everyone is relaxed having me around. If you’ve got shy children, this can benefit them hugely. A wedding is a great opportunity to get pictures of the whole family, meeting them beforehand puts them at ease and they are less likely to be freaked out when i show up on the day with a camera.

The opening picture is one of my favourites ever, such clear high five denial, love it.

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