What Are Wedding Door Games?

What are they? Why are they funny? Why you should consider having them at your wedding. That’s what you’ll be learning on today’s blog post right here on Liam Smith Photography!

In certain cultures it is traditional for the groom to be to arrive at the brides house and have to pass a series of tests in order to be deemed worthy of taking the brides hand in marriage. I’m sure once upon a time this was a leisurely affair with a few giggles before the would be groom was granted access to the house.

Fast forward to 2018 and it’s all out war – in the nicest possible way.

Do not cross these challenge setters, they may look like bridesmaids, but behind the twinkly eyes and flowing gowns lies the hearts of maniacal fiends just waiting to get you to do anything they want. This may be a post for bridesmaids more than anyone, you can get a sense of what kind of torture you can inflict all in the name of having a laugh. I hope all bridesmaids read this and implement it at every wedding they ever attend. It is always funny. Always. Not only that but it strengthens the bond between the bridal party as often friends have come in from distant parts of the country and may not know each other particularly well. After a few of these games, everyone will be best friends.

I’ve only ever encountered these games as part of chinese wedding tradition, but im told other cultures embrace the games as well in various different guises. One would imagine that once upon a time the rules were fairly straightforward and the rules known up and down the lands. I have never been to a wedding however where any two games were the same, it does seem as if the gents really are at the will of the bridesmaids.

So what can you expect?

Eating things – things is deliberately ambiguous

You should be ready to eat anything. I’ve seen hundred year eggs, i’ve seen toothpaste, i’ve seen turtle jelly. The funniest part about the turtle jelly was that it was purchased by one of the girls in china, and even she, being a native chinese speaker, couldn’t work out what was actually in it. It smelt horrible, but the rules are the rules, the boys wolfed it. What makes the eating part even worse in my eyes is that the door games happen in the morning. In the middle of the day, the stoach is settled and it’s quite easy to chow down on pretty much anything. At 7am? Not so much. Turtle jelly washed down with beer is a curious mix that providdes hilarious pictures, if not a dicky tummy.

Physical exertion

running, jumping, press ups, start jumps, running in circles. You may be wearing a suit, but that doesn’t matter. You could be wearing a woollen suit in december, you could be wearing linen at a summer wedding, either way you’re going to sweat. Throw into the mix the fact that you may have already eaten something savage, having to do twenty starjumps afterwards is really going to test your mettle.


the levels to which this can go, I really think it has no limit. Scroll down for a few example pictures from a recent wedding where the girls took it to new heights. Funny doesn’t even come close. These boys were absolute champions and contended with every challenge that they were cofronted with. A true bonding experience where the groom could call on his boys to help him win his bride. What better way to have a laugh in the most ridiculous fashion than with all your mates right there with you, an entire well of stories to draw from no doubt.

Here are a few examples of tasks to get the creative juices flowing

Peanut butter on cling film

Coat a piece of cling film on both sides with peanut butter, hold it up and then have the boys lick it off. Simple, yet cunning

wedding door games

Blindfolded make up

Fairly self explanitory this one. Get onto pairs, one is blindfolded and puts makeup on the other person – make sure they don’t use their hands, otherwise they can feel where the facial features are and put it on far too accurately.

Oh, I forgot to mention. Each task is preceeded by having to answer questions about the bride. I’ll let you in on a secret, the answer is always wrong. With a wrong answer often comes the need to drink a shot of something. Again, this is of the task masters choosing. Expect flavoured whiskies, gins, vinegar and anything else that will be sure to pick you up first thing in the morning.

Eat the hot-dog pressup

I feel that this image needs some explaining, even with the layering of the action it’s hard to know whats going on.

wedding door games

The task – one chap lays on his back and inserts a hot dog into his mouth. Another chap, who has derobed and already wearing ladies underwear, then has to commence with pushups on top of his partner and take a bite out of the hot dog upon each descent. As you can see, with the last bite comes an interaction which looks like a full on snog, the girls were in raptures, to be honest so were the boys.

My job as a wedding photographer has allowed me access not only to the incredible individual stories within peoples lives, but also exposed me to different aspects of culture and tradition that I would otherwise have absolutely no access to. I love wedding photography, chack out some more of my articles for more helpful info on all things wedding and wedding photography related.

wedding door games

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